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About Me

I am a very experienced pro Dominatrix who is Classy, Educated, Intelligent, Discreet. I have a Fully Equipped Play space and provide: Bondage, Discipline, Fetish (feet, shoe, etc.), Cross Dressing, CBT, NT, Role Play, Sub Training, Electro Play and more.  

Your life experience has created certain desires and fetishes within you. There is a yearning which compels you to take action, to explore, to cast artifice aside and leave your vanilla mask far behind. Excitement builds as you drop to your knees, surrendering all to a Special Dominant Woman. 


We live in a world of information overload.  Sometimes we seek a temporary reprieve from the chaos and challenge of life. And so we begin a journey, one that is every bit as mental as it is physical. We temporarily move to an alternative reality where traditional roles may not apply. 


Proper atmosphere creation is the magical component that turns pain to pleasure, humiliation into excitement and where domination yields a genuine desire to submit.


My sessions often include:

Discipline, Transformation, Light Domination,  Cross-Dressing, Corporal Punishment ,  Make-overs, Rope / Chain /Leather Bondage, Role-play, CBT, NT, Trampling, Shoe and Foot Fetishes,  Humiliation, Psychodrama, Other Fetishes (Leather, Fur, Etc.)  

I also provide Life Coaching on subjects: How to introduce your partner to D&S life style; How to share your fantasies with your partner; How to accept "who you are" in D&S world and many more. Please email for details.

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