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Miss Anna,  

Thank you for another wonderful time. Perhaps your love of  psychology will allow you to be the first to succeed in stripping away all of my defenses to real submission (I certainly felt like your 
Masters Thesis case study after answering all of your questions!). All I know for sure is that you are a joy to know and an exquisite pleasure to share time with. I'll call again as soon as I recover
financially from my trip to the other half of the world. Until then, may your life be full 
of love, joy and red wine.

Your admirer,

Mistress Anna,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session, you are everything that your web page illustrated and more. Your beauty is only surpassed by your honest and 
openness and caring of this sub that is very new to this lifestyle. You fulfilled all 
my fantasies and any time my sore butt comes in contact with anything, the flashbacks begin all over again. The sensations you brought out with the tens equipment was new and exciting. I can't 
wait until our next session.



After two days I still have not been able to come up with the words to describe how amazed I was by you. The encounter was exquisite, far exceeding any expectations I may have had. While your techniques were indescribably delicious, the most painful part as walking out the door. Thank you so much for accepting my worship, your most obedient disciple...


Mistress Anna:

You are incredible! i have been seeing Dominas for 26 years, literally hundreds of sessions, likely well over 100 Dominas i've seen, a couple of long term relationships with Mistress'.
i have never had a first session to compare with the one i had yesterday with You. You are incredibly beautiful, truly dominant, yet sensual and caring. i totally adore Mistress Anna, and beg Her to allow this humble slave in Her presence again.


Hi Miss Anna,

Hope that all is well in your life today. I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the incredible session that I had with you last Monday night. You were everything that I had been dreaming about. The total experience was a wonderful escape provided by a stunningly beautiful, 
intelligent, articulate woman that deserves to be surrendered to and worshipped. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, if you will have me. Thank you.


Dear Anna,

I just finished dinner with my brother but couldn't stop thinking about the great hour we spent together today. He noticed I was a little distracted but of course I couldn't tell him why! So I wanted to write and tell you that after 20 years of visiting maybe 60-70 dommes in a lot of 
places, this was one of the BEST times I ever had because,

1. You are inherently beautiful and sexy,
2. You clearly know and like what you are doing and are doing for the right reasons, and
3. You really get inside a person's head with honest and probing questions ...again, very sexy.
I regret we didn't have more time and I was a little nervous for some of the CBT (first time jitters with new person?), but hope you also had fun.


Greetings Mistress Anna,

I just wanted to take the time to thank and tell you how much I enjoyed myself being in your presence tonight. You truly are, a fascinating and beautiful woman, which is only matched by your power and grace. I will being thinking of you often over these next few days and weeks, and will definitely see as soon as possible. I hope that in some way, we can maintain a dialogue viaemail, for I truly enjoyed talking to you as well and would greatly enjoy continuing it in the lapses between meetings.


Dear Anna,

Thank you again for the fun session last week while in D.C. Not only are you a beautiful woman, but you bring an insight and playfulness that is truly memorable to the scenes -- not to mention the provocative extras."


Dear Miss Anna,

I want to thank you for a wonderful time on Monday evening. It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I am especially grateful for you care and attention in creating a relaxing atmosphere and putting me at ease to start the session. I loved some of the personal touches and the opportunity to interact verbally. I had a hard time driving home, because it was so difficult to get the session out of my head. I have remained aroused and think about you several times daily. I hope to visit with you again soon.


" Being degraded and humiliated by you is the geatest thrill of a lifetime. Your face, eyes, and voice have a paralyzing effect that make submission to you pure pleasure."

- Norm -

"Do you believe in an alternate universe, that somewhere, somehow you may find a hidden portal through time and space to a realm where dreams becomes reality? Search no further. When Mistress Anna opened the door, I knew I was passing into that new and fantastic world. 
There the everyday rules and inhibitions no longer apply. There the mind escapes the constraints of society, only to embrace new and strangely seductive boundaries. It is a world of apprehension - yet compulsion to go on, of worry - yet wonder, even of fear - yet fulfillment.

How much of this scintillating environment results from Mistress Anna's appearance? She seems every bit the fashion model she once was, and that glamour is edged with the steely aspect of a Goddess, reflecting the icily dark homeland from which she sprung. She is tall, slender, finely featured, expertly proportioned, and with a voice musically accented. But there is far more to her allure than stunning physical charm. While she is unabashedly young, her experience has taken her through three continents and every dimension of erotic fantasy. While honing her profession to a sophisticated level, she remains fully aware of the concerns felt by those of us with less experience or fortitude. She will willingly discuss your innermost longings, in the convivial manner of the girl next door, laughing with you but never at you. Then she will seamlessly revert to her fantasy role, when bringing your desires to fruition.

Her abode is clean, remarkably convenient, and arrayed with more than sufficient means to achieve your goals within the tasteful and safe limits on which she insists. Her mind encompasses the psychological adroitness to carry one past the purely material world. She has a 
remarkable ability to combine communication, compassion, and control. Simply to talk to her, to be held under her solicitous yet compelling spell, was among my life's most exhilarating experiences. Indeed, I believe you will find, as I did, thatthe true wonder of your visit is Miss Anna herself."

- Ronald -   

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