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When you feel ready to schedule a session, please e-mail me suggesting a specific date and time. If I have a conflict I will let you know. Most of my sessions are with my regular subs and they are all very flexible regarding times. Never hesitate to raise questions and we will also have plenty of time to address your concerns in person immediately prior to the session.

Some subs send a very detailed introductory letter and an application is not necessary. However, for over 90 percent of my subs I do request an 
Application. This not only identifies your interests, experience and limits, but it helps me to set priorities within a session. If our interests are compatible and your Application is approved, I will contact you regarding the specific time and I will let you know the location.

It is always helpful if you give me at least a one day's notice, but I am not against same day appointments. In fact, this frequently happens with my regular subs. If I am available I will see them.

If you have scheduled in advance please send me a confirmation e-mail a day before the session. I will not forget your appointment but this helps me identify the subs who are truly serious about meeting me.

I DO NOT OFFER any illegal activities!

Professional Domination Only!  Safe and Discreet.

Available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.  Weekends are fine.

Advance notice is appreciated.  Same day appointments are possible but not garanted. 


Discretion is very important for all of us. You will not be “tripping over” other clients, as my goal is to maximize the quality of my submissives and their experiences not the quantity of clients I see. What happens at my play space, stays there. Your privacy is my priority.



My Location is in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose). It is a fully equipped play space, with ample parking.  

Distance from major airports (not during rush hour):


15 mins from San Jose Airport (SJC),

35-40 mins from San Francisco Airport (SFO),

45-50 mins from Oakland Airport (OAK),

Also 1.5 miles from Hwy 85,
Less than a mile from Hwy 280.

Please review all of the information on my web site before booking a session.There is a  FAQs page which you might find useful.

This section should answer most of your questions. I also encourage novices to read my introductory letter before contacting me.


In our fast paced world I understand emergencies can arise. If it is necessary foryou to cancel an appointment please let me know as soon as possible via email, phone call or text to * 415 *** 508 *** 8858 * I do not appreciate a "no-show" submissives and will not schedule with them again.

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