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The level of interest in BDSM has been growing rapidly in recent years and this subject is now often addressed by the mainstream media (remember the scene in the movie Mr.&Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and... Fifty Shades of Grey, After Fall Winter, My Mistress...) You are not alone in your desires and many people have an intense interest in discipline, bondage, creativity, imagination and antasy.


To insure a successful session, you must read and understand the following information and requirements:

First of all, it is very important for you to realize professional domination is NOT prostitution. If you are seeking sex, you should contact one of the many "escort" agencies in the area. DO NOT raise this question with me because I will never agree to it.

Next, all submissives must maintain a level of cleanliness, respect session with me, I expect you to arrive on time.

Do not come too early or too late. This will demonstrate your respect for the value of my time.

I am very concerned about discretion, your safety and cleanliness. Not only is my play space clean but I always have a through disinfecting process before the start of each session. I do provide subs with a shower and clean towels and I ask that your refrain from smoking.



Discipline, Transformation, Light Domination,  Cross-Dressing, Corporal Punishment ,  Make-overs, Rope / Chain /Leather Bondage, Role-play, CBT, NT, Trampling, Shoe and Foot Fetishes,  Humiliation, Psychodrama, Other Fetishes (Leather, Fur, Etc.)  

I do not administer enemas nor do I participate in blood play, bs, fire-play, etc. I do not do sessions in nude.



This is not a hard and fast rule, but my recommendation is for a sub to first contact me through e-mail. If you are on a quick visit to my city - I will understand your inability to use the e-mail route, but my feeling is that you should not immediately pick up the telephone. If you instead send an e-mail message then you will have the ability to review and reflect on your comments beforemaking that all important first impression. It is often said that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and in my opinion a carefully prepared e-mail message is better than an awkward telephone call.

A sub is entitled to use caution in selecting the most appropriate Dominatrix for his particular needs and desires. (I do see women and couples, but unfortunately these sessions are rare). I take considerable pride in the fact that my subs appear to be very satisfied with their training and this is why I see them on a regular basis. I am selective in who I see, and while I do not have a lot of subs, I am very pleased that I am able to see them frequently.

We can avoid a bad experience if you will throughly complete my application and tell me about your desires and limits. This is why I always have an in-person pre-session conversation. This occurs immediately before our session. There is no charge for the pre-session interview and it does not count against your session time.

The interview begins by reviewing your application and during this process we both assess our chemistry for a Mistress/slave relationship. It also helps me set priorities for the session. Pre-session conversations are also important for subs that I see on a regular basis because we are constantly exploring new areas in their training.

I want a sub to find what he is looking for and I will understand if you are better suited for another Mistress. We can determine this through open and honest communication. If you do not feel comfortable after the interview you should not proceed with a session, and you should keep all of your money.

Once again, I want your BDSM experience to be as enjoyable as possible. My hope is that you will become a soldier in "Anna's Army" so we can continue your basic training. This is an exciting and wonderful experience and I want to share it with you. I want to take you a world of fantasy and pleasure by captivating your mind, voice, body and spirit.

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