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Many thanks for visiting my web site. If you are new to D&S, or if you are "veteran scene player": you are Welcomed here. I love to learn and in general I am very curious about life. I enjoy dancing, swimming, exercising and reading about psychology, culture, travel and history. I am well educated and received my Masters Degree from a major University. I have traveled to Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Japan, S. Korea and other countries and all over America. I love gourmet food and tried many different cuisines. I love fashion and have a good taste in fine jewelry. 

During my appointments - I want to make sure that a session will be as enjoyable as possible for both the Domme and a sub. I also want to develop the right chemistry with a potential submissive. For this reason, the more I know about your interests, desires and fantasies, the better time we will have. Please be straight forward in describing your expectations. I know you are submissive, but don't be bashful in telling me what you want. I am sure I have dealt with your particular fetish before.

I have had extensive training from several great Dommes in the past and I have had many opportunities to perform at BDSM clubs in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, LA, San Diego and other cities.

I have been fortunate to develop friendships with several unique, sincere and highly intelligent submissives.

I am a truly dominant woman and my favorite sessions are when a sub experiences true subspace. I am especially pleased that my skill level is now sufficient to master the mental aspects of BDSM, which are the most important.


Your life experience has created certain desires and fetishes within you. There is a yearning which compels you to take action, to explore, to cast artifice aside and leave your vanilla mask far behind. Excitement builds as you drop to your knees, surrendering all to a special Woman. One who will understand you without condescension, criticism or judgment. One who will explore your special desires in a safe, sane and consensual manner. One who will propel you into your special place without disrupting your vanilla relationship. One who might assist you to engage your partner IF and WHEN the time is right.


We live in a world of information overload.

We have responsibilities and challenges encompassing many different elements. Often times our mental capabilities are tasked to the limit. Sometimes we seek a temporary reprieve from the chaos and challenge of life. And so we begin a journey, one that is every bit as mental as it is physical. We temporarily move to an alternative reality where traditional roles may not apply. For many, this journey does not come about immediately like turning a switch, but gradually encouraged with the appropriate nurturing and understanding. Perhaps a bit of coaxing propels you down this path.Ultimately you find yourself in the realm which you seek.​


Blond, Blue Eyes
5' 6", 124 lbs (56 kg)
Dress Size 4 (Small)
Shoe Size US 7.5
Boots Size US 8
Shoe Size EU 38


Mechanical approach to professional domination lacks a genuine emotional and psychological connection.
Purely physical domination makes it less likely that you will journey to sub space.
Proper atmosphere creation is the magical component that turns pain to pleasure, humiliation into excitement and where domination yields a genuine desire to submit.
Establishing chemistry with you as an individual is the key ingredient to successfully taking this journey. You may find it difficult to sincerely surrender yourself to me, unless there is a genuine trust established between us.
Only then, when you have let your guard down, may I climb inside your psyche and discover your true thoughts, feelings and desires.
I strive to be with you emotionally as well as physically so I am able to adjust various stimuli to maximize the hedonistic and cathartic value of our time.
Taking this journey is far more difficult and requires an experienced and skilled Dominatrix. In this effort there are rapids to navigate before and producing the magical moments you are seeking.
This is my specialty. Intuition. . . . . . I know what you are thinking!

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